SAMMI Line Blind


What is line blind valve (
Line blinding has been used to pipelines in various industries wherever either positive shutoff is most concerned or full flow should be achieved without pressure drop.

Line Blind:
The usual practice for line blinding by using typical materials such as spectacle blinds, spool piece, blind flange valves etc. with gaskets inserted between flanges has however been labour intensive & time consuming and thus resulted in making expense factors which include the time required for blinding/blanking the process, loss of productivity caused by long blinding time and also the operators of the production line have been unavoidably exposed to the potential hazard of explosion, fire, pollution and inhalation. The Sammi Line Blind Valves incorporating a touch and simple design has been developed to provide absolute shut-off, quick opertion and trouble-free service with minimal maintenance.

The unique and simple opening-closing mechanism of Sammi Line Blind Valve allows one person to blank or blind heavy pipe work with ease, rapidity and safety without any tools or hoisting apparatus etc.

Through this guidance brochure, our aim is not only to guide you to the broad range of application of the Sammi line blind, but also to provide a variety of technical data which are useful for whomever related to marine & fluid industries. We will keep endeavoring to assure our products and services meet the expectations and requirements of our valued customers.





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