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QR-Problem reporter (Dutch: MijnStoringsMelder)

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With the QR-problem reporter, your customers or employees can easily report an issue on your equipment, simply by scanning a QR-code with their mobile phone.
Doing so, automates the reporting of a malfunction. You will receive the problem descriptions, with the correct location, if needed supported by photographs.


Other advantages:
– no need to assign employees to phone duty for receiving phone calls
– the dashboard gives an overview of the all the reported issues and their status
– an issue can be, even automatically, be forwarded to a repair company
– the reporter does not need a special app on their mobile phone
– reporters can be informed automatically of the progress
– includes chat functionality between reporter, your employees and the repair company
– QR-stickers are available in multiple formats – also digitally – and for both indoors and outdoors uses

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