Logisticon Water Treatment B.V.

Logisticon Water Treatment B.V.

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What is your aim? Do you want to reuse your water or wastewater? Reduce your ‘water footprint’? Achieve a reduction in your chemical or biological contamination levels? Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)? Meet stricter environmental, health and discharge requirements? Or achieve structural improvements in water quality?

Then it is good to know that Logisticon Water Treatment has been a reliable partner for some 30 years and is able to create a favourable TCO for both standard as well as extremely complex water treatment issues. This applies to the preparation of drinking and process water as well as treating communal and industrial wastewater. Within environmental technology, Logisticon is consulted with increasing frequency to optimise
sustainable, innovative groundwater treatment and remediation processes. You can choose from semi-permanent or permanent solutions, mobile and pilot solutions, and from purchase, lease or rental options, or you could even consider outsourcing for total support.




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