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Lamers System Care is a provider of system solutions in the area of Industry, Maritime and Agriculture. LSC acts as a consultant and supplier of products/services that reduce maintenance and operational costs for customers in the industry.

Scaling and biofouling can lead to process water- and raw sea water systems clogging up, which has significant impact on operational efficiency. Blocked pipes result in less output and regular maintenance. The added downtime of the production, combined with the direct cleaning costs are expensive. These problems leave the industry struggling to come up with a structural solution to combat fouling effectively.

The Ultrasonic System is a sustainable and ecofriendly system which combats scaling and fouling. The system produces multiple bursts of ultrasonic energy in a range of targeted pulse frequencies. These pulses are transmitted through the material that the transducer is attached to. The ultrasound produces a pattern of alternating positive and negative pressure on the surface of the material. Microscopic bubbles are created during the negative cycle and compressed during the positive cycle. This creates both stable and unstable cavitation.

This microscopic cavitation has a cleansing effect which destroys unicellular organisms, which colonize and form the biofilm layer. Disrupting the formation of this layer makes it a much less inviting habitat for larger organisms to settle onto, like mussel and barnacle larvae.

The created cavitation disrupts the formation of scaling. This prevents the clogging of pipework .

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