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Fast and Crisp! The new Lighthouse CPM-100SHG5 multicolour labelprinter

Fast and Crisp! The new Lighthouse CPM-100SHG5 multicolour labelprinter

Lighthouse is pleased to unveil a new, faster CPM-100 model! Building on the success of the CPM-100 range, the new CPM-100SH is capable of printing labels at twice the speed of other CPM models. Combined with a high definition 600dpi print head.



We understand organisational needs to improve processes and deliver quick products in this rapidly changing landscape and doing so, at an affordable price without compromising quality.
The Lighthouse CPM-100SH is our quickest CPM model. Whether you’re looking for a single bespoke label for a prototype project or high volume product labelling, the CPM-100SH will deliver fast, quality labels saving you time and money.

On-demand custom labels.
Multi-colour 600dpi print.
Cut labels to any shape required.
Optimised for specialist and polyester label applications.
Robust print finish.
Print barcodes, QR codes & variable data.
Network printing capability.
Print your own logos, diagrams and schematics.
Our Lighthouse for MAX CPM-100SH software clip art includes more than 3,800 symbols.
The 600dpi high definition print head has been optimised for use on our speciality and polyester self-adhesive films. Combined with our thermal printing ribbons the CPM-100SH presents superior line and edge definition on small text and graphics whilst delivering vibrant, robust, chemical and water resistant labels. Ideal for product marking, engineering labels, asset marking, laboratory labels, PCB labelling and more.

Our user friendly Microsoft Certified software enable users to produce single or multiple labels and can incorporate any sequential numbering requirements, database or insert barcodes, QR codes etc.

You’ll never have to raise another requisition or chase another order, the CPM-100SH allows you to take control. Print what you want, when you want.


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