A revolution in cleaning, the BEbelt conveyor cleaner.


The best choice for the food sector; BEbelt for maximum hygiene and time saving.

A revolution in the cleaning of conveyor belts in food production: our German colleague BEAM GmbH from Altenstadt has developed the first mobile belt cleaning system in the world with an integrated pre-cleaning unit. The so-called BEbelt is an extension to the HACCP-certified BlueEvolution XL + steam vacuum cleaner and is absolutely chemical-free. The 40 cm wide steam and extraction unit can be individually adjusted and moved in the stainless steel frame, so that even conveyor belts with a width of up to 120 cm can be easily cleaned. In collaboration with partners from the food industry, BEAM has designed the BEbelt in such a way that it can be installed both at the top and at the bottom of the conveyor belts.

Just like the Blue Evolution XL +, the BEbelt is fully mobile, so that it can be used in the production environment to clean completely different conveyor belts within a few minutes. The new BEbelt has been specially developed for the requirements that apply within the food industry.

Cleaning staff can save a lot of time with the BEbelt. Until now, several operations are required for tire cleaning. With a BEbelt cleaning can be done in one operation, and more hygienic than ever before.

Experience it yourself? Then make an appointment today for a free demonstration. tel: 0851300910 / www.steamteq.nl


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