SAMMI Line Blind


Absolute shut off:
In the closed status, any liquid or gas cannot leak to the downstream

Quick change:
Heavy pipe line can be blinded safely within 30 sec. ~ 2 min.

Only one operator:
Untrained one person can operate with ease and safe upto 24″ pipe line.

Non line spread:
The operating principal of Sammi Line Blinds eliminate the need to spread pipe, valve or flange.

Cost saving:
Not only saving man-hours, but increasing the production time

No tools:
Turns hand wheel, then swing or sliding the blind plate without tools and cranes.

Safety working:
Blinding with the Sammi is not labor intensive and no more jeopardizes safety with few people around the pipe work

Simple structure:
Simple and solid structure needs minimal maintenance only for sealing gasket replacement.





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